I am so excited to have cross the $50,000 line while teaching on Udemy!

You can see I am on track to make another $60,000 this year! I am so excited and so glad that I decided to teach on Udemy, and I am writing this to encourage anyone else who is considering teaching at Udemy. It is totally worth the struggle! Just do it!

Believe it or not, my first attempt on Udemy was teaching guitar lessons…and I wasn’t very good at it! After a while I switched over to computer related courses which is what I do every day at work. I thought that it would feel like work because it was what I did every day and the guitar topic was better because I enjoyed it a lot more… But I was completely wrong!

To be successful on Udemy, teach something you know very WELL.

My first month I only made $180 from my IT course and I was a little discouraged, but the next month I made $1,932.66!

Right now I am averaging $5,000 – $6,000 each month and it has changed my life completely! The crazy thing is that I am not even considered super successful at all on Udemy. There are other instructors that are making thousands of dollars each day! By the way, all of my numbers are net earnings. Udemy does not charge anything for hosting courses on their website, but they take a commission for each sale.

It depends on the type of sale that occured (affiliate, organic, mobile, etc…), but in all reality I only get about 30% of my total sales…which is still 5-6k / month. This discourages some instructors from teaching on Udemy, but the way I look at it is that Udemy has the audience (12+ million last time I checked) and they will market your course for free… which is something that 95% of all Udemy instructors would not be able to do successfully.

There is definitely a lot of potential when it comes to teaching on Udemy, it appears that the sky is the limit!

Go start a course at Udemy by visiting teach.udemy.com and registering for free!